Paul Tankersley

Engineer by day

Astro-Photographer by night

In the beginning…
The love for the night sky started when Paul was a young boy growing up in Albany, Georgia.  His mother would take him out in the yard and they would sit on a blanket and look up at the stars.  Years later, he shares that same love with his own sons. Many nights he wakes up the boys and takes them outside to show them God’s amazing creation: the vast heavens.

Electrical engineering has been his career for over 25 years after graduating from Georgia Tech.  After building a business, Tankersley Jackson and Associates with his partner and starting a family, Paul then wanted to fill his childhood desire of exploring the Universe.

After purchasing a telescope, Paul always had a passion for astro-imaging.  Soon his hobby of viewing turned into photography after hearing “Indescribable” the sermon series by Louie Giglio.   Setting up a scope in Roswell, and The Deerlick Astronomy Village in Sharon, GA, he started taking photos of the moon, stars, nebulas and galaxies.  These objects are anywhere from a few to over 300 million light-years away.  A light-year is approximately 5.88 trillion miles.  A distance that’s hard to fathom!

Nebulas are a combination of reflective star light and glowing gasses in the night sky.  They can be the birth of new stars and the end of existing stars.  The magnificent show of color, depth and shape is for us to explore and enjoy.  Catalogued by number, many are given names for their likeness of things we are familiar with such as the Horsehead Nebula, Heart Nebula and Eagle Nebula.  Due to its resemblance of an eye, the Helix Nebula has been nicknamed “The Eye of God” by NASA and has inspired the name, Helix Imaging.

Pauls’ artistry is influenced by his engineer’s insight into structure and his spiritual view of the Universe.  The creative results are unique and provide breathtaking images that compel the viewer to be both awestruck and contemplative.